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CW Law Group, PC, is a boutique practice designed to meet your various legal needs at a fair and affordable cost. Our mission is to develop a long and trusting relationship with our Clients and we accomplish this through communication and by providing confident and reliable representation.
Real Estate


Whether your real estate matter is transactional or adversarial, the attorneys at CW Law Group, PC can help you.  Our real estate practice consists of matters including but not limited to: purchase and sale agreements, deeds, closings, short-sale and distressed property transactions, residential and commercial landlord-tenant, title disputes, property investment, contractor and builder disputes, insurance, subdivisions and associations, zoning, estate planning, and litigation involving all of the above.  CW Law Group, PC is an agent of First American Title Insurance Company and can save you money and stress servicing closings and refi's.

Estate Planning


We understand the importance and peace of mind associated with knowing that your estate planning needs have been taken care of.  For many of us, determining what will happen to our loved ones, our home, and other asests can be a difficult and stressful process.  Our attorneys and staff can make this process very simple and calm your anxiety while addressing your wishes.  Our affordable Estate Planning Package includes your Last Will & Testament, Health Care Surrogate, Durable Power of Attorney, and Living Will.



Our attorneys approach each litigation matter in a collaborative manner in order to best satisfy the needs of our clients.  If mutually acceptable settlement cannot be reached, we will advocate zealously to protect your rights and hold the responsible party liable for your damages.  CW Law Group, PC represents clients with virtually any civil or commercial litigation matter including but not limited to; Contract disputes, Real Estate litigation, Consumer Protection, Employment Non-Compete Agreements, Residential Landlord-Tenant, and Personal Injury




The administration of a loved one's estate is often a very emotional and stressful process.  Often, during estate administration, several areas of the law (real estate, probate, estate planning, and tax) come into play and can seem overwhelming.  At CW Law Group, PC, we can assist you with your probate needs and answer your questions so you are informed and understand the process.  Ideally, the decedant executed an estate plan during their life which will resolve many issues related to asset division and other wishes.  In the event that there is not an estate plan to provide guidance to family and friends, a qualified attorney can save substantial sums of money and time, while making the process easier and less stressful.

Tired of unsolicited robo-calls, and junk text message solicitations? Are you being bullied by a debt collector?

Have you suffered a loss or damages due to unfair or deceptive acts by a business?  

Has a merchant or retailer put you at risk of identity theft by recklessly putting prohibited information on point of sale receipts?

CW Law Group, PC has the knowledge, experience and developed relationships to zealously advocate for you using powerful legal tools such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), and the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (MGL 93a).  


We can protect you from these unlawful tactics and seek statutory relief where appropriate.

Contact us today for a free, private consultation to see how we can help you.

Consumer Protection

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